If you are considering whether or not to hire a video production company, it is good to know the pros and cons. You have probably heard about businesses that created an awesome video in-house that went viral and generated a ton of revenue for almost no initial investment. Of course the more common, and less shared, story is the one about the company that bumbled through creating a grainy video that is hard to hear and that was posted once in a place where only three people saw it. No matter which option you choose, make sure you pick the right one for the results you need.

In many cases, it is entirely appropriate to create a do-it-yourself video for your company. Some customer groups feel that a video created by someone like them on a personal device is more authentic. Of course, there is always the obvious point that it is often less expensive to create something using your own equipment and staff. However, it is only a good idea if you have the right equipment and staff.

You or someone in your company needs to have at least some experience with successful videos, since there are so many steps in the project to consider. Selecting the message, choosing the talent, finding the right site to shoot in, recording the video, and editing are all important parts of the process and shouldn’t be taken lightly. While many mobile phones and inexpensive cameras these days can capture relatively good images, sound is another issue altogether. It can be hard to capture what you want to hear, such as the person talking or product performing, and diffuse what you don’t, such as an uncontrollable sound outside, like a siren or dog barking.

It is a better idea to hire a video production company if time or quality is an issue. While the project shouldn’t be rushed, it will be easier and faster for professionals to handle than amateurs, no matter how well intentioned, and the end product will be better. Professionals also have a fleet of equipment at hand to use however you like. Products to diffuse or enhance light, equipment to capture clear sound, and all of the software for high-end and quality editing are just a few of the things you would have to purchase or rent but they already have. They also know how to use it all and when to use what.

Professionals also have access to the talent or training it takes for captivating videos. Do you or someone in your company know how to act? Do you know how to hire the right actor to present your information? A video production company does. They have access to a pool of talent. They also know how to select where to set up the shoot. Whether in their professional studio, on site in your company, or in an alternative setting, like a park or public place, they know how to get the proper permits and equipment to get the job done.

Once the video is captured, a Video production company Hong Kong can also help put on the finishing touches. They can add motion graphics, such as titles to introduce speakers, animated pictures or charts to illustrate a point, or fun fades between scenes. Through the editing process, a professional company can bring your video from homespun to high end.