While many struggle to understand why they are here and where they are going after death my first hand account of the experience of dying and being reborn in a new body is well worth telling. It used to concern me that no one has returned from heaven to say what it is like as the religious claims about it are vague to say the least. Mostly people depend on the artist’s impressions of renaissance painters like Michael Angelo to fill them in, but how much did they know and where did the images really come from?

From birth I was on a quest to understand the things people believe and where they come from. It was a life long search that has finally paid off.

True to the between life visions at age 45 I was ‘visited’ by the Spirit and commissioned to fulfill certain goals and undertake to work only for the Spirit. To verify the visit the Spirit instantly healed me of the sinus that had cursed me from age 3. The Spirit then led me to many for healing and gave me instructions of the facts to tell others. It worried me a lot that what I was saying seems so far over the top and yet so does spiritual healing and psychic visions of future events. It point to one thing the Spirit does not work for man and nothing of its power is understood.

In my younger years the psychic visions of things that would happen and did were common but I did not tell anyone for fear of ridicule. One vision showed me in a television studio. Never having been inside such a place it meant little to me but a few days later the Advertising Agency where I worked bought a television program and the new producers asked to help them improve it. The following Saturday in the very studio shown to me in the vision I was helping to put the show to air and did so for several shows after that.

After my commissions ‘strange’ things happened including stronger more involved visions, direct requests from the Spirit followed by healing of injuries, diseases and situations of people in stress, along with even more commissions. The most frightening was one in which a man stood in front of me on a cross with his head bowed. He lifted it looked me in the eyes and called my name. Inside I heard “take me off the cross.”

The look on his face was of a person wrongly accused and facing an unjust death. It left me stunned and shaken to the point where I sought answers from the clergy but received only blank looks. It was the face of so many victims in life who suffer beyond their endurance, who lose everything, who are persecuted and tortured. It was an expression of pain and pleading which said “can you see what they have done to me.”

Soon after a man stood in front of me in a red robe. He reached forward and touched my forehead in such a way that his face was obscured. The vision lasted only a second or two but the warmth where he touched me stayed for some 2 hours. These visions did not phase me at the time because I was used to visions throughout my life. It was the meaning of them that worried me. It could only be resolved with hard work and research which the Spirit led me into.

Research took me back to the times when the sun’s image became a man that could be embraced. Fables emerged from that image of Bacchus, Moses, and Apollo, among others. These stories were enhanced in imagery. Apollo was the god of whom every Request personal prophecy Roman Cesar was supposedly a son. Until the Empires end they remained the ‘Sons of Apollo’ who spoke on behalf of him.

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids detail the crucifixion ritual in explicit detail. The personifications of the ancient Mother God is Isis from which came the name Jesus. In some languages ‘Jesus’ is ‘Issi’ from ‘Isis’. It means Spirit while ‘Christ’ or ‘Krist’ means ‘cross of power’. The latter is in ‘Krishna’ the third person of the Veda Trinity.

The solution to other puzzles were then given to me by the Spirit. One was the unmistakable identity of 666. It not only revealed his identity but led me to uncover how and why he is so called.

Taken in visions to the beginning of language it was easy then to find codes for every day words in the sounds of their composition. the rituals of ancient religion is at the core of them. That’s when the facts about why people believe what they do came to light.

Through the visions things that were hidden, buried or destroyed were unearthed. Piecing together the progress of religious worship and rituals showed how they provoked cognitive development of the human mind. It was then given to me to read ancient sites, codices, symbols, and iconic meanings that are irrefutably based on a single event that must have occurred prior to the beginning of the Stone-age.

At this point the Spirit told me to do a degree to prove the visions academically. Archeology, anthropology, linguistics and philosophy studied during the course cemented the facts. The visions were spot on.

The first symbol shown to me in the visions was located etched on a shell found in Tata, Italy, dated to c400,000ya. It appears in artifacts and archeology sites on every continent. This sacred sign and status symbol known by people universally is on the iconography of Australian aborigines, North American Indians, Bishops and Popes of Christianity and in Egyptian pyramids. The Mayan and Aztecs used it as well. It was the most prominent symbol at Stonehenge and on the top of Glastonbury Tors as well as in European Cathedrals, and elsewhere.

No other scholar has looked at this sign or its implications as meaningful. No one pieced together the mystery of how and why the great creator of the Universe would send his son to earth to die as a criminal at the hands of men. Nor why men believe they are made in the image of God. Only the Spirit knew these things and has revealed them.