Travertine varieties are almost as infinite as the unique patterns, uses, and application of travertine tile itself. This is one of the reasons why this natural stone is popular and is used so extensively as flooring in homes and as pavers in gardens.

The term “tumbled” refers to an abrasive process to which the travertine tile is subjected in order to produce a weathered look. The tumbling process exposes the natural pits and pocks in the stone which are almost always left unfilled (meaning not sealed) to preserve the worn, aged look.

The term “honed” refers to an abrasive process of grinding and sanding done during the milling of the travertine in order to achieve a uniform surface.

The term “filled” means that epoxy or resin compounds Ca’Pietra are used to fill in the pits and holes to create a more durable, smooth surface, thus protecting the travertine stone.

Honed, filled travertine tile is the most popular choice due to its durability and practical applications throughout the home. It is commonplace to see it used in kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, travertine fireplace surrounds, as well as bathtubs and sinks made exclusively from one block of travertine, are available today for purchase.

Here are some common travertine varieties:

Cappuccino Travertine

These are tumbled and unfilled, maintaining an old-world, worn and rustic look. Aptly named, colorful nuances of light and dark earth tones are visible in this stone.

Muscat Travertine

Also tumbled and unfilled, these are used to create a mosaic look by placing various length and sizes in a random pattern. This stone is light in color, creating an easy-going, light atmosphere. It looks great when installed in a bathroom or an area which needs to look larger than it is.

Noce Travertine / Noche Travertine

Rich, dark and inviting–noce is honed and filled, making it the perfect choice for kitchen and hallways. The light-colored version of this stone may be used with its dark counterpart to create a contrasting pattern that will be both pleasing to the eye and soothing to the spirit. Think of it as chocolate eye candy.

Artistic Light Travertine

These are honed and filled as well, available in ivory tones with a hint of beige undertones, giving it a subtle mottled appearance.

Vast in quantity and stunning in appearance, travertine tile provides an otherworldly beauty that can only be produced by Mother Nature herself. Thankfully, home decor panache is achievable by using one of the aforementioned travertine varieties.