It’s alright if you’re new to towing, this article will have the information you need about towing such as how many towing types, how you should do it, etc. The first basic thing about towing is that it is of two types, heavy-duty and light-duty towing. Heavy-duty is rarely used because it’s mostly used for massive trucks and vehicles such as trucks, buses, caravans, and RVs.


However, heavy-duty towing is also the hardest to pull off because the machinery used in this is not easy to operate at all, and balancing the load of a heavy-weight vehicle can also be very hard for the tow truck driver. This is why only experienced and trained professionals can successfully pull off heavy-duty towing.

On the other hand, light-duty towing is much easier than heavy-duty towing and even two people together can do this job. You’ll be using a two truck that’s able to hold around 7000lbs of weight and that is pretty easy to control while driving. Towing service Santa Clara is known to be the best when it comes to commercial towing so if you have any commercial towing work to be done, hit them up.

Towing classifications

Every other tow truck is made for a different type of mission. You can’t just take any truck you see to the mission. You have to analyze whether it’s a heavy-duty towing or a light-duty towing mission. If you make the mistake of taking a light-duty truck to a heavy-duty truck mission, things might go sideways pretty quickly.


A lightweight truck is built to hold around 7000lbs of weight while a heavy-weight truck is built to hold around 15000lbs of weight. You can take a heavy-weight truck to a light-duty towing mission but it’ll just slow you down because of the heavy machinery so it’s better to identify what mission you’re going on and then decide what truck you should take to the mission.