With more and more mobile phone networks now pushing higher length 18 and 24 month contracts, customers are now having less chance to change their mobile phones – unless they want to pay a premium for it. And with the credit crunch customers are taking advantage of the cheaper sim only deals, and simply prolonging the life of their existing phones.

This all means that customers are needing their existing handy reparatur repaired or phones from past contracts unlocked so that they can still be used on newer deals. This has made the mix of jobs in dealers stores change dramatically in some cases. One dealer in Bradford has said that this time last year 100% of his business was contract sales – now it makes up just 25% and the rest is taken up with phone repairs.

The Mobile Repair Centre, who have 18 repair centres in west London, believes that the increase in the repair industry is due to the saturation of the handset market – people now have two or three mobiles as they wish to keep one or two as a back up should something happen to their main phone, they also believe that mobiles phones do not have a life span longer than 12 months and so need repairs as contracts are lasting longer than this.

The Mobile Repair Centre believe that some dealers send handsets to larger repair centres in order to learn from the fixes when they are returned. This is so that they can then copy the fix when another similar case comes in. Sadly the Mobile Repair Centre has criticised dealers who are self taught in repairs, as they could be doing more damage than good.