When it first happens to you might be exactly how it is a few years into it. You’re walking somewhere and Jesus points out a person and gives you a message for them. It’s a simple as that, and now you have to go up to them and give them the message. Today it is called prophetic evangelism.

It has been years for me since it first happened to me and can I tell you that there still are nerves for me. A couple of weeks ago I was going to work and the Lord Jesus pointed out a pretty young girl in the seat in front of the train and told me that she was going to be a gifted counselor if she put her hand to it.

Well, I resisted the Lord a little so scared that I was going to upset her for disturbing her. Her friend was looking out the window and I said, “No matter how much you look the rain is not going to stop today.”

The friend smiled back at me and both girls turned. I said to the one I was supposed to give the message to, “Hey sometimes I get a message from God for a person and today I have got one for you, do you want to hear it.” She replied that she would like to hear it and I told her about her gift in counseling. It turned out she was part of Youth With a Mission and was in Australia for a year and we had a good chat on the way to work.

Three weeks ago I gave a Hindu Indian man that in the near future he was going to have a supervisor that is going to be harsh and treat staff hard. I told him that God wants him to stay in that job even when he has that supervisor as he was going to learn a lot in that job, he was going to gain experience that he will need for his next job.

I didn’t convert him. He didn’t become a Christian on the spot. It was just a seed I planted as God who knows the future was talking about his life and how it was going to pan out.

God has used me to plant thousands of seeds in my time. The Lord Jesus has told me that I am planting them all in good soil. This means that the person might not get saved with my Request prophetic word for them but it will be one seed that the Lord can water and bring forth one day into a salvation.

Do you want the gift of prophecy so you can share prophetic words with strangers? Simply write to me and we will pray for you to receive the gift.