Trying to get rid of weeds can be a real pain, especially in the summertime. You spray them, they grow back. You pull them, they grow back. You curse them… they don’t go anywhere. So what’s a person to do?

Below are 4 ways to prevent and wipe out existing weeds from your landscaping:

Fertilize your Yard
First of all, fertilizing and/or spraying pre-emergent is essential in your efforts to prevent weeds. You will have to be patient, because results don’t appear immediately. There are some important factors to consider, too. One is, you need to know when your lawn’s growing seasons are – this is determined by what part of the country you live in and its climate. That way you will understand when it’s the best time to add fertilizer and stave off the weeds.

Since many fertilizers can be mixed with, or come already combined with a pre-emergent, you can manage it all in one step. By fertilizing just before your lawn’s growing season, you’ll be able to crowd weeds out and inhibit their grown. Make sure you don’t fertilize right before your grass goes dormant, or you’ll feed the weeds and then you’ll really have a problem on your hands!

Mow Your Lawn
When you mow your lawn on a regular basis weeds are QP weed bags discouraged – just be sure to mow it to a higher mowing range to prevent sunlight from reaching the weeds, which will help stunt their growth. Also, bag your clippings if you’ve got weeds among your grass so you won’t accidentally spread weeds seeds all over your freshly mown yard!

Pull the Weeds
Pulling weeds is a miserable job, but it’s the quickest and most effective way to get rid of weeds. Unless they’ve grown totally out of control, annual weeds should be pulled out by hand, but make sure you pull out the entire root, not just the top of the weed, or it will be back before you know it. Some of the roots will be six inches long! Using a tool will help your back; try a hula hoe, a trowel, or a shovel.

To make your weed pulling session easier, you may want to soak the area first. Another idea is to pour hot water on shallow weeds. Sometimes this along will kill them.

Use Herbicides
Enter any awn and garden store and you’ll see an entire section of shelves holding a huge assortment of herbicides. These days they’re easy to use…many are custom weed packs liquids that can be sprayed easily by attaching a garden hose to the end of the bottle. Some formulations are designed to kill only certain types of weeds, and will not damage or kill your grass, although you should always double check to make sure this is the case. You may only way to spray directly on certain areas where weeds are prevalent or you may decide to treat your entire lawn.

Always handle herbicides carefully – they are toxic and can cause serious health problems. Whatever you do, don’t spray them on windy days. Keep the kids and pets off the lawn after spraying it, and dispose of herbicide containers carefully.