Hiring a party bus for a special occasion is a great alternative to getting a limo. Albeit it may cost a little more but the advantage is that, depending on the Atlanta party bus you rent, you can fit more people in to help split the bill. Plus having all your friends in one bus is a good time begging to happen.

There are a few things you should consider before hiring a party bus company though. While our fantastic city has more than a few to choose from, there are also more than a few companies that care more about how many corners they can cut to save on their bottom line. Beware the following pitches from party bus companies…

“We have a fully stocked bar.”

That’s great, but fully stocked with what? Do you really want to serve your guests some no name vodka that’s less than well quality and tastes more like paint thinner? What about that warm natty ice they have sitting in the tub at the back of the bus? I’m not saying the bar has to be stocked with top shelf booze but come on. Is it too much to ask that you should be able to swallow it without gagging and going glassy eyed? You’re paying good money for your Atlanta party bus and some of that money should help put some decent (digestible) liquor in the bar.

“Our package is all inclusive.”

Sure it is, until you go over your mileage. While you’re partying the night away you’re not realizing that you just drove out of the parameters of the package and you’re being charged per the mile! Check with the san diego party bus company to see how many miles or how many hours are included in the party package and what happens if you want the bus for longer or if you go over the mileage?

“All our busses are fully equipped…see?”

Yes, that one bus they showed you was beautiful but what about the rest of their fleet? Many companies will show you their best bus to get you to sign on the dotted line and then send you some Sunday school looking van to pick you up. A bus and some beer does not a party bus make. Make sure you inspect the actual bus that you will be paying for.