Civilization Wars is a 2D online flash game not to be confused with Sid Meier’s popular PC series civilization. On the main menu you select from normal or hard modes, and on each of these you can see three stages, each one gets progressively harder than the last, and to unlock the next in the series you must complete the last. This game boasts terrific longevity and is not a game you will be able to complete in one sitting, so instead of starting over again every time which would make no sense developers have added a save and load button.

The first levels you come across are a tutorial; these are handy to play because they give you a feel of the game  6secret swiss jodel itself. Your strategy is to capture every building on the map, and to do this you must select your people and send them into battle. To assist you along the way you can regenerate your people by sending them into buildings. Other buildings replenishing your mana, which helps for magic attacks and some, will just act as a defence barrier between you and your enemy.

To see how many troops are in each one of your buildings, there is a small number above the building itself. To use these troops to attack an enemy building click on it, then drag and drop a building (or a selection of buildings) onto an enemy barracks. When you do this you will see your troops leave your building and enter the enemy buildings to battle. There are two outcomes here, either you are victorious and therefore, will gain the rights to the building or your adversary will slay all your troops, leaving you shorthanded and in danger.

Sometimes you can use all your troops and it is still not enough, so it is time to bring on the spells of magic to help you. You will find that the further you progress through the game, the more spells you unlock for use on harder levels. There are also a selection of other upgrades including upgrades to your troops attack and defences.

As you progress through the game you will come across some boss stages, however, these are no ordinary bosses like kings or knights, but instead are colossal animals. These animals bring a massive test to the game because they are particularly hard to defeat. If you find that you cannot defeat a stage, then you can go back to a previous battle to gain more experience. This is handy if you need to do it, but for a better gaming experience I suggest you try and defeat the stage without any help, even though it may not seem like it you can overcome all of the levels.