April fool’s day is not really a holiday. But still, it is being celebrated in various countries during the first day of April. It is the day when people play jokes and hoaxes with their friends, family members and even co-workers. They can be really embarrassing, but it is the main idea of the occasion.

Brief History

The celebration of April fool’s day is the adaption of the converted Gregorian calendar in 1564. There were lots of dates when April fool’s was then celebrated. People then changed it back to its original date on the first of April. People back then started to create funny jokes on people and that is how it all started. It is a day that is allotted for all the stupid jokes there are. One is must always watch his back during this day, for people might be joking around on him without being aware of it.


The earliest pranks on April fool’s took place in France according to theories. It was then called the April Fish because it was celebrated within the Pisces month. Back then, parties were being held in the celebration of April’s Fish. Visitors and guests continue to play jokes with their friends within the party which made the party more fun than other old French parties.


What really does April fool’s day benefits us? Psychologists say that pranks done during April fool’s actually helps in the testing of our skepticism. It tests our ability to determine between the reality and a joke. It will be a kind of practice for us to know whether we are being prank or not. It will challenge our minds. Moreover it is simply a day when we can have a good laugh at someone and not be guilty about it. Some would be really delighted by this, for they can spread their skills in making jokes to people.


There should always be a boundary for people’s jokes and pranks. It is important that we keep our jokes light and accepted to avoid fights with other people. There are some cases when the occasion is being abused by others that they do a lot of violent acts. It can be very dangerous for other people. One should always be suspicious of everyone during this day, and be alert about the impact of the trouble that might occur.


There are lots of pranks people have invented. One can think of ways on how to fool their friends. Others can be funny in a sweet way by fooling their girl friends and making a good laugh out of it. They can be really simple, but still a prank is always a prank. And the one who is fooled first loses.

Those are the information and ways of celebrating April Fools Day 2022 fool’s day. There are other ways we can celebrate April fool’s in a very fun and creative way as long as we plan for it.